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Crystal Quartz is popularly known as the Universal Healer.  It is an amazing stone which can be used for all healings and all Chakras.

Human Chakras are the main energy centres of our energy field.  By using a Clear Quartz, you can do all types of healings and heal all issues related to any chakra. It is believed that using a Clear Quartz strengthens the Aura. If our Aura will be strong then we will be protected from all kinds of negativities.

Clear Quartz is a crystal which self-clean itself and other stones placed near it. So Clear Quartz is a wonderful stone to be kept in your healing box and grids.

Meditating with Clear Quartz reduces anger, anxiety, stress, and depression. It also strengthens metabolism and immune system.

It feeds the development of a more positive and powerful mind. This helps stimulate intuition and perception. It is very useful against the fear of darkness, aggression and storms.

Keep in mind that quartz crystals are also a symbol of the goddess, so they often place quartz crystal spheres on the altar during lunar rituals since their freezing temperature represents the sea. Mystically, it is a symbol of the spirit and intellect of human beings.

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