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Code : Puffy-001
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Golden Quartz Puffy Heart makes…
Code : Puffy-002
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Peach Aventurine Puffy Heart is…
Code : Puffy-003
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Lapis Lazuli Puffy Heart is a…
Code : Puffy-004
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Ruby Matrix Puffy Heart is 40-50mm…
Code : Puffy-005
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
The heart of luck, Green Aventurine…
Code : Puffy-006
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Lepidolite Puffy Heart brings…
Code : Puffy-007
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Yellow Jasper Puffy Heart is all…
Code : Puffy-008
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Mariyam Agate Puffy Heart from…
Code : Puffy-009
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Red Jasper Puffy Heart can be…
Code : Puffy-010
Size : 40-50 MM
MOQ : 30 Pcs
Ruby Zeosite Puffy Heart reminds…

Gemstone Puffy Hearts

Gemstone Puffy Hearts are a great way to enhance your décor and surround yourself with positive energy. These puffy hearts help in healing your chakras and establish balance between them. Some of the gemstone puffy hearts we have are Ruby Zeosite Puffy Heart, Red jasper Puffy heart, Mariyam Agate Puffy Heart, Yellow Jasper Puffy heart, Green Aventurine Puffy heart etc.

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We are known in the market as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Gemstone Puffy Hearts . We are a factory we are producing all kind of semi precious gemstone in all needed shape sizes.
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