Selenite Charging Plates

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Looking for Selenite Charging Plates - You can buy Selenite Charging Plates from Natural Agate. This stone carries a very high and finely tuned energy.

Selenite is the kind of crystal everyone needs; it’s effectively a negative energy vacuum cleaner with cleansing and re-charging properties that benefit your entire crystal collection. This crystal is a specific type of the mineral gypsum, which can be found on every continent across the world, including right here in Australia.

Selenite is generally an iridescent white colour, with its name is derived from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. It is believed that selenite was used by the Ancient Greeks to amplify the light from the moon.

Selenite is all about those important C’s: cleanse, charge, calm and communicate.

It is a high energy, high frequency crystal that illuminates your space and invigorates your crystals with positive energy. Selenite is well-known as a powerful cleansing crystal – both for your crystal collection and your mind.

It can help to calm your mind, clear confusion and communicate more effectively.

We love all forms of selenite for cleansing here at Crystal & Stone, including selenite rods, bowls, plates, tumbles and even candles.

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