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We are Manufacturer & Wholesaler of All kinds of Metaphysical Crystals & New Age Crystals Products. We are Supplying Below Products like Healing Tools, Gemstone Angel, Puffy Hearts , Geometry Set, Merkaba Star, Pentagram Healing Tools, Rune Set, Worry Stones Available in All color, Size are appreciated by our customers..

It has been proved by science that the metaphysical products balance your energy. To make your task easy and to provide you with healing properties, we have various metaphysical products such as, Sodalite Big Merkaba Star, Moss Agate Oval Rune Stone, Rose Quarrtz Disc Rune Set, 12 Point Mix, Crystal Quartz Big Merkaba Star, Peach Aventurine Oval Rune Set etc. We also have a special category of worry stones that focus on easing your burden like Fancy Jasper Worry Stones, Blue Aventurine worry stones. In other products, we have Chakra Energy Generator with Merkaba star, Crystal Quartz Chakra Energy Generator, Sodalite Angels, Sunstone Angels, Green Jade Angel, Blood stone geometry set and much more.