Gemstone Pyramids

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Gemstone Pyramids are crafted by keeping the healing powers in mind. Every shape has some significance and Natural Agate brings you various gemstone pyramids such as Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Black Agate, Aventurine, Picture Jasper Small Pyramids, Rhodonite Small Pyramids, Chrysoprase Small Pyramids, Grey Agate Small Pyramids, Ruby in Kyanite Small Pyramids, Moon stone small pyramids etc.

To use a Crystal Pyramid for Meditation, place it directly in your hand or in front of you while you engage in your session. If you have a meditation space, it can be placed anywhere within that room or sacred area. To use the crystal pyramid for preserving beauty and youth, place it near your bedside. The pyramid will bring restful sleep, which in turn preserves your appearance. Another pyramid should be placed near your mirror or vanity, the place where you self care.

Crystal pyramids bring positive Feng Shui to your home. They can be placed anywhere you wish, and will provide Universal healing energy no matter the place. However, to use the pyramid power for specific purposes, pyramid placement becomes of vital importance. 

We are recognized as one of the well-reputed precious gemstone pyramids manufacturers in india. The Gemstone pyramids we offer are available in different colors. Our agate pyramids have attractive looks and are comprised of the pure stone.

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