Throat Chakra Singing Bowl

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When Vishuddha Chakra or throat Chakra opens, then Vishuddha Gyan or refined, purified and divine knowledge is spontaneously expressed. The Sadhak spontaneously receives the ultimate knowledge of the universe, and the secret of universe and creation is revealed to him. To open the throat chakra, repeat affirmations that relate to authenticity and open communication. Here are some examples: ?I communicate confidently and with ease.? ?I feel comfortable speaking my mind.? The translation of this healing Throat Chakra mantra is: ?I bow to the creative energy of the infinite, I bow to the divine channel of wisdom.? This mantra gives energy to new beginnings and the courage to pursue new paths. It also inspires creativity. This pleasant and long-lasting sound also helps to reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well-being and better health. Our singing bowls are widely used by professionals around the world, including health care professionals, psychotherapists, massage therapists, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers.