Sitting Buddha Seven Chakra Symbol Printed Selenite Coaster

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  • Item Code: Slt-C-038
  • Size: 70-80 MM
  • MOQ: 30 Pcs
  • Weight: 80-110 Grams
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Selenite is useful for clearing negative or unwanted energies from crystals and stones. Selenite does not ever need to be cleared. It is self-clearing, and self-charging. Selenite has many benefits, some are mentioned below - Selenite crystals help to remove all energy blockages in the body. Selenite crystals vibrates at a very high frequency. Selenite crystals promotes connection We have many selenite items, most sell-able are selenite coasters, selenite charging plates. Buy this beautiful printed selenite coasters for your table decor. For more information please visit our website