Rose Quartz Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant

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  • Item Code: O-Pndt-091
  • Size: 30-45mm
  • MOQ: 50 Pcs
  • Weight: 15-25 grams
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Here is an exclusive range of Rose Quartz Flower Of Life Orgone Pendant. Physiologically, the rose quartz stone is considered a powerful healing stone. It has been suggested it can improve circulation, boost neuron connectivity, and even accelerate healing. Rose Quartz is known for its heart healing properties. The love and healing vibrations help replace toxic emotions and blockages that clogs the heart chakra and replaces it with the energy of love. Our Orgone Pendant is made based on his research findings. It gives emf protection, draws in negative energy and transmuting into positive energy. Book an order now at Natural Agatre.